The club were treated to a masterclass workshop in 'colour mixing' given by local artist, and club member, Annie Davenport. Mrs Davenport is well known locally and has exhibited widely throughout the region.

Coming originally from a background in printing techniques, her workshop was based on just a few basic colours of Yellow, Magenta, Cyan along with black and white. Initially the workshop centred on how it was possible to achieve just about any colour imaginable just by skillfully mixing the three basics of yellow, cyan and magenta, in a similar way that your ordinary colour inkjet printer would at home. Members were then guided into mixing and matching the colours of several still life objects that Annie had brought along for the demo. Most amateur artist carry quite a lot of various coloured paints with them, quite often far more than is really needed. With the lessons learned from the workshop, the members were quite impressed by how few actual basic colours are required , and all vowed to make an effort to incorporate what they had learned into future works.