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 At the recent AGM the following members were presented with awards for their contribution to the running of the club. Amanda Mayes has been chairperson for the past three years and is handing over to Mrs Melanie Smith, and Mr Hugh Webb has been on the committee in various roles since the club was first formed, and he has given unlimited support over many years, he was awarded the Turner Committee Cup.

Amanda Chairperson Presentation Hugh Committee Cup 2019
 Former Chairperson, Amanda Mayes being presented with a bouquet of thanks from Mr John Sibley on behalf of the club.  The Turner Committee Cup for 2019 presented to Mr Hugh Webb by chairperson Amanda Mayes.


Members of Chilcompton Art Club were treated to a masterclass in watercolour painting, under the tutelage of local professional artist Catherine Beale. Catherine specialises in light-filled and contemporary watercolours and has recently started experimenting, and exploiting, with pigment behaviours using a method she has termed “gravity painting”. The cascading techniques enable paints to mingle and run to create delicate veils of colour, as well as collide and interact to create interesting effects. Her demonstration and combined workshop explained these techniques to the club's members at a recent Wednesday group meeting. During the workshop phase, members worked at producing their own version of a particular scene entitled "The Gateway" and were fully inspired to attempt their own paintings in the future.
There may well be some examples on show at the forthcoming club exhibition on Saturday November the 23rd, to be held in St. John's Church Hall, Chilcompton.




The final event for 2018, celebrating 25 years of the Chilcompton Art Club, was a pastels workshop, taken by the noted Trowbridge pastels artist Graham Cox of (Moody Views ). The workshop was well attended by both club members and a few guests. The all day event, took place at the club's regular venue of St. John's Church Hall, Chilcompton, Mr Cox steered the group along, in his usual convivial manner, into producing two stunning paintings. In the morning session, a countryside landscape followed by a seascape in the afternoon session. The club has enjoyed a very good year celebrating 25 years since inauguration, with workshops, outside visits and exhibitions. The final club session for 2018 will be on Friday the 7th of December and it will convene again every Wednesday and Friday between 10:00am and Noon, welcoming members old and new, commencing from the 9th January 2019. Further details, and contact information, can be viewed at the club's website ".

 cox2018 1

cox2018 3



Chilcompton Art Club held a very successful open day exhibition on Saturday the 1st September. The event marked 25 years since the club was officially formed, and was held in the St. John's church hall, Chilcompton. Club members submitted several of their pictures that they completed over the past twelve months, and this resulted in over eighty paintings being on display. A big thank you goes out to all the members who supported the event, and also to the general public who came along to view the works. As part of the event the club also ran an internal competition for the members, the title set was 'Reflection' and could be in any medium, so long as the image suited the title. The entries were on display throughout the day so that all those attending could cast a vote for their favourite image. The eventual winner, by a very close margin, was Annie Davenport with her painting of a swan on water, she wins an Amazon voucher to the value of £15.
The club were also delighted to see founder members Harold and Joan Turner, the couple had made a special effort to attend, and surprised the club by presenting a beautifully engraved cup, which will be called 'The Turner Committee Cup, and be presented, each year, to the painting selected by the committee as the best in show at the club's annual exhibition held each October. The club has two further celebratory events up and coming, the first being the annual exhibition to be held in the Chilcompton Village Hall on Saturday the 20th and Sunday 21st October, and will have over one hundred and twenty paintings on view. The second event is a workshop by Trowbridge pastel artist Graham Cox, and will be at St. John's Church Hall on Wednesday 28th November. Details of the club, and all events, can be view on this website.

JoanHaroldTurnerCup2018 Copy anniedavenportwinner2018 Copy

CACOpenDay2018b Copy



JSWorkshop2018 Members of the Chilcompton Art Club were treated to an excellent pencil drawing workshop overseen by fellow member Mr John Sibley. John Sibley specialises in pencil drawing and has over the years accrued many interesting and useful tips on how to create various effects using the simple medium of pencils. The session started off with him explaining the various types and grades of pencil, and how to use them to best effect. The session then moved onto creating a finished picture based upon a photo that John had taken on one of his many travels, it consisted of a derelict old house overgrown with shrubs and trees, by the end of the session the members had a near complete finished drawing that they could then take away to finish off in their own time. The workshop is just one of a number of workshops that are being held throughout 2018, which is the art club's 25th anniversary year. The next one to be held is called 'Colour Mixing' and will be conducted by club member Annie Davenport, Annie is a professional artist and has a lot of experience in the use of oils and acrylics, the session will be about how to create various colours and shades using only a few basic colours to start with. The session is scheduled for Wednesday the 4th July. Being the club's 25th Anniversary Year, there are also other events planned for a bit later in the year, mainly an anniversary open day on 1st September, followed by a massive art exhibition in October and concludes with a pastel workshop by Graham Cox in November, details etc can be viewed on the club website at . The club is open to anyone who has an inclination to paint or draw, and all abilities are welcome, just pop along to the St John's Church Hall in Chilcompton on a Wednesday or Friday morning between 10:00 and midday, or visit the website for contact details.


Club artist Peter Hinge held a drawing workshop at the Wednesday club meeting 7th March, the topic being perspectives and how to see them when compiling outdoor scenes.  At the start of the workshop one member quipped "I hope we don't have to draw any ships, becaues if we do I'll be sunk" only to find out later that Peter had included the drawing on the Titanic!

Peter prepared a special template for each of the members, and covered how to use the device in order to compose subjects from landscapes to ships. Everyone found the event to be both informative and at times amusing, and they all had a couple of completed drawings to take home.

Below is one of the completed drawings.


I think we all enjoyed it, and it was good value.

This year's exhibition awards went to the following.
Mixed Media - Philip Evry. Oils - Pam Wilmot. Acrylics - Nigel Punchard. Watercolour - Penny Lloyd. Pastels - Amanda Mayes. Public Vote - Suzi Brain.

xmas2 400px xmas3 400px  xmas5 400px


It has conspired to be a hectic week for the members of Chilcompton Art Club. On Wednesday the 25th we had an all day pastel workshop in the St John’s Church Hall Chilcompton. The Wiltshire based professional artist Graham Cox, gave one of his excellent tutorial workshops. Mr Cox specialises in the medium of pastels and runs his business “Moody Views” from his studio in Trowbridge. The club members and a few guests were given an overview of the medium and then guided through producing two beautiful landscape pictures in the distinctive Cox style. For quite a few members, this was their first experience of using pastels, but with Mr Cox’s often humorous style and step by step guidance, everyone ended up being delighted with the final results that they produced to take home. cox2017b

Hugh's wonderful watercolour workshop

Wednesday 27th September 2017

Once again this year, Hugh Webb gave an informative and amusing watercolour workshop, big thank you to Hugh for organising.


Member Mary Barnes held a silk screen printing workshop on May 3rd, members were given the opportunity to try this technique for themselves, under the excellent guidance of Mary. Various techniques and materials were both demonstrated and implemented as members produced their own designs and finished products.

MaryWorkshop1 MaryWorkshop2 

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