18th APRIL 2018

As part of our ongoing celebrations for the club's 25 Anniversary, club artist Frank Reeves gave our members an enlightening demonstration in various techniques that he uses when painting in oils. Frank has many years experience and has a distinctive style and recognisable colour palette that he works from.
Frank had prepared a basic countryside scene in readines for his demo, and from there went on to describe the many aspects of depicting skyscapes, from producing a basic graduated background to how to portray various cloud types. His scene also included trees, and Frank explained about how to think of a tree as a three dimensional object and to always consider the direct of the light that falls on the tree, another aspect is to give trees a sense of depth by applying dark and light in the appropriate places.
Next up in our series of events fro 2018 will be club member John Sibley, he will be running a workshop entitles 'Working with Pencils' to be held on Wednesday 16th May.

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